World ICT Visual Data Book 2008

World ICT Visual Data Book

– ICT at a glance –


The World ICT Visual Data Book has attracted a large number of readers, both in Japan and overseas, since its first Japanese English bilingual edition in 1996.

Since 1996 this data book has been published annually making the 2010 edition the 16th edition.

Countries in the World
Countries in the World and their telecommunications /
Developing countries in the World

Total number of telephones and density / Mobile telephones / Internet / Broadband in the world / Satellite communications / Submarine cables

Number of TV channels in the world / Color TV systems / Digital television broadcasting / High Definition television broadcasting, etc.
Official Development Assistance
ODA of Japan and other major develped countries/
Japan’s loan assistance / Japan’s grant aid /
Japan’s Acceptance of trainees / Japan’s dispatch of experts


size A4, 141 pages, Monochrome
attachment CD-ROM
“The World ICT Visual Data Book”(pdf format, Color)
“Statistical data by country”(pdf format, Excel format)
unit price 8,610 JPyen (in Japan) / 8,200 JPyen (overseas)