4. Cooperation activities toward developing countries

(1)Cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

■ ITU-AJ supports human resource development activities such as APT Training Programs. Also, in support of the efforts of Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, ITU-AJ takes full responsibility for providing secretariat services for training programs or seminars held in Japan.

photos : JICA group training, APT training course


■ITU-AJ is an active participant in the APT General Assembly, Management Committee and other APT seminars and programs.

■Entrusted by the JICA, ITU-AJ conducts the group training courses to give training to trainees despatched from developing countries.


(2) Studies and Research

■ITU-AJ sends technical delegations to developing countries to investigate the status and trends of their telecommunication industries,as necessary. The resulting information is used to improve ITU-AJ’s future support activities and it is also provided to Japanese firms for their overseas development plans.

■In order to remain responsive to changing needs for international cooperation activities, ITU-AJ aims to always maintain up-to-date information on telecommunication services in developing countries.


5. Work Entrusted by Other Bodies

■Among above mentioned activities, ITU-AJ is entrusted by related organizations regarding training, secretariat services for meetings, seminars and resarch in the telecommunication field held or requested by the ITU, APT, JICA, etc.