Support of the ITU

1. Activities in Support of ITU

(1) Supporting ITU Meetings

■ITU-AJ supports the participation by relevant Japanese organizations in the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, ITU Council, World Conference on International Telecommunications, World Telecommunication Standardization Assemblies,World (and Regional) Radiocommunication Conferences, Radiocommunication Assemblies, the World (and Regional) Telecommunication Development Conference and various study groups.
photo: ITU-D Rapportor Meeting in Japan

 photo: Special seminar of ITU-R in Japan

■ITU-AJ supports the management of meetings of ITU-T, ITU-R and ITU-D hosted by Japan for the purpose of progressing standardization work.

(2) Assisting Standardization

■ITU-AJ sends experts to various ITU conferences and meetings and contributes to their activities.

 photo: Special seminar of ITU-R in Japan

■ITU-AJ contributes to the discussion of telecommunications technology through its participation in meetings concerning ITU-T and ITU-R of the technology sub-Council of the Telecommunications Council, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. It also supports the various standardization activities of the Telecommunications Council.

(3) Supporting Participation of ITU TELECOM

■ITU TELECOM exhibitions and forums are held every four years and are among the world’s largest international telecommunication exhibitions and forums. ITU-AJ encourages and assists Japanese telecommunications, broadcasting and manufacturing companies and organizations to take part in the events. It also serves as a liaison between Japanese ITU members and the ITU headquarters fullfilling many roles. For example, ITU-AJ coordinates the examination of the many submissions from Japan for discussion at TELECOM forums, prior to the selection of speakers based on those submissions.

photo: ITU Telecom World