From the President

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the world’s oldest international organization and was founded with the aim of ‘facilitating peaceful relations, international cooperation among peoples and economic and social development by means of efficient telecommunication services.’ It became one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations in 1932 and has been keeping up with and supporting all the technological innovation and market changes in the information and communications field. It has actively undertaken efforts in international standardization, frequency allocation and technical assistance to developing countries in a timely manner.

In recent years, new types of applications supported by information communication technologies (ICT) have been realized, such as various ways of utilizing the Internet, cloud services, social networks, and also the ever-growing volumes of image data. At the same time, the social infrastructure for information communication is evolving constantly, with examples being the expansion of broadband networks to cope with surging communications traffic as well as the shift to digital terrestrial broadcasting. 

At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, ICT including those utilizing telecommunications and broadcasting were critical in enabling people to ascertain the whereabouts of those in the stricken areas and whether they were safe, and also for disseminating disaster-related information. I believe that it is our duty to inform the world about the lessons we have learned from this disaster, the effective ICT applicable in time of disaster and how communications services should be provided in such situations. ICT is also an indispensable means of coping with matters that have become global concerns such as global warming, cyber-security and juvenile protection. Contributions in these areas by Japan, which has advanced technologies in the fields of environmental engineering and ICT, are keenly anticipated.

The ITU Association of Japan was established in September 1971 and through its activities it operates like a bridge between its supporting members and the activities of the ITU, the APT (Asia-Pacific Telecommunity) and the Japanese government. The ITUAJ has been supporting the work of relevant Japanese organizations in the major ITU meetings and the dissemination of information thereof. I think that we must not only positively continue our fundamental role of supporting the activities of the ITU’s Radiocommunication, Standardization and Telecommunication Development Sectors, but also engage in furthering technical and international cooperation with other related international bodies.

While striving to strengthen the cooperation between the government, private industry and academic bodies in Japan and working together with our supporting members and related parties and through the sharing of information, I would also like to endeavor to raise Japan’s presence in the world and thereby further the development of those supporting members.

I very much hope that all of you will continue to appreciate our association and its activities and that you will continue to offer your support and encouragement.

President of The ITU Association of Japan